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History and information into the local area

Oysters – The Connection and History

The property is down a very exclusive and quiet cul de sac leading to the beautiful Oysterbed Quay and natural harbour, a walk of approximately 500yds. There are usually a few cars down there, mainly belonging to the local fishermen and the residents living on the private offshore islands.

In the records, the 1891 conditions of sale for the Derryquin Estate, it was noted that the Bland family owned and worked the oyster beds down at the quay. The pretty stone cottage to the right of the quay was once the oyster house, and at low tide you can still see the remains of the oyster holding pens. The Bland oyster beds were described as the best in Ireland and were exclusively supplied to the Houses of Parliament.

Oyster farming was a major industry: prices for 100 oysters were around 50 pence, and a packet of oyster samples could be sent by parcel post for 5 pence.

J F Bland, the manager of the company, drew a salary of £200.00 and had a personal concession of 2,000 oysters per annum. He thought nothing of consuming 100 at a sitting – oh, happy days! Sadly, only the empty shells remain.


Wildlife at Oysterbed

Try and go down to the quay at high tide – early in the morning if possible, when no one is around – and just watch, listen, and absorb the stunning beauty and tranquillity of the bay.

You will see and hear the local wildlife: herons, cormorants, gannets and Grey seals, and with luck you may catch sight of the sea otters who play and catch their breakfast just off the pier. Further out in the bay you may catch sight of the occasional porpoise or dolphin chasing schools of fish.



A few photos to help you see what drew us to the area…..